Fourth ‘Godfather’ Movie Unlikely, Says Actress

Jan. 14, 2011 “It makes me sad,” Talia Shire says. “We are not making great movies anymore.” A fourth film in The Godfather series is unlikely. “I doubt it,” actress Talia Shire said Thursday night when asked if another film in the series is a possibility during a panel discussion at Warner Bros., where The New York Times’ Film Club kicked off its first Los Angeles-area event. The evening featured a screening of a digitally remastered version of Francis Ford Coppola’s 1972 classic The Godfather. Shire – Coppola’s sister who earned a supporting actress Oscar nomination for her role as Connie Corleone in The Godfather: Part II – received thunderous applause when she said: “It makes me sad; we are not making great movies anymore.” Shire recalled that acclaimed cinematographer Gordon Willis – nicknamed ‘The Prince of Darkness” – kept the look of the film extremely dark, and “this caused conflict” during production. She praised Coppola, saying: “You had a man with a vision … It was always Francis pushing everyone – in their language (cinematography, editing or other craft areas).” Warner Bros.’ Motion Picture Imaging unit handled the digital remastering of the film. Ron Smith, Paramount’s vp preservation and restoration, noted that the film, due to its intense popularly, was “used, it was in rough shape.” The remastering process involved fixing parts or whole frames of the original camera negative on about 75% of the movie.