A few words about…™ Chariots of Fire — in Blu-ray

June 22, 2012   Chariots of Fire is a magnificent image harvest by Warner’s MPI, with color and densities by the incomparable Jan Yarbrough.  For those who may be into the details, the film was referenced from a new answer print stuck in 1997, from the original timing lights, with occasional touch-ups improving the grading.  Original color reference from 1981 was no longer viable, as prints had faded. Grain structure is dead on.  Colors are perfect, with black levels, shadow detail, etc. all in place.  I would expect no less. The film was scanned in 4k from the OCN, and everything was done correctly.  Actually, they took it a step further than that, and I’m thrilled with the results.  An early sequence always had dupes, and it was obvious.  Warner’s Ned Price was able to locate, and scanned the original elements from which the dupe had been prepared, and replaced those dupes with original.