A few words about…™ Cabaret — in Blu-ray

Jan 19, 2013 Even at its earliest stages, the Academy Award-winning Cabaret (1972) was a most unlikely film to get made, or at least get well-made. A production of Allied Artists, which turned out to be the little engine that could, Bob Fosse’s Cabaret shines, four decades later, as a brilliant gem in the cinema firmament. Almost unique in modern annals, Cabaret also shares a major problem with a few other Academy Award winners.  While some may have problems with elements due to fade or damage, unless one goes back to the earliest days of the awards, one does not run into many missing original negatives. Off the top of my head, I can only think of one other that shares the honor – The Best Years of Our Lives (1946), which apparently was lost in transit. In the case of Cabaret, it seems that the OCN went missing before it ever reached Warner Bros. along with other Lorimar product. Luckily, it appears that a lab (presumably Technicolor) produced a top quality interpositive, which makes Cabaret shine on Blu-ray.