The Hudsucker Proxy Blu-ray Review

Feb 28, 2013 The Hudsucker Proxy is that rare creature, a cult film made on a generous budget. The Coen Bros., Joel and Ethan, wrote the script with their friend, Sam Raimi, in 1985, when the Coens’ only finished film was Blood Simple and Raimi had yet to make Evil Dead II , let alone any of the Spider-Man films that would elevate him to the A-list. The trio knew the script would require major financing, which didn’t arrive until six years later in the form of super-producer Joel Silver, an enthusiastic Coen fan. Silver assembled a financing package from his own company, Warner Brothers, the now-defunct Polygram and Working Title Entertainment (now absorbed into Universal’s Focus Features). Hudsucker was made for a budget estimated at between $25 and $40 million, or about 3-4 times that of the Coens’ previous film, Barton Fink. It bombed.