The Wizard of Oz: 3D Reissue

Sept 15, 2013 The 3D effort was painstaking, and well worth it. The flattened nature of sepia-toned Kansas in the opening and closing sequences called for less three dimensional wizardry, but once Dorothy steps into Oz, that long slow take as she steps out of her once-spinning house is what the viewer also relishes. The fateful burning witch’s broomstick almost lands in your lap, but that is about the only ‘gotcha’ 3D moment. The folks doing the 3D conversion worked diligently to bring just the right amount of depth. Many scenes end with the foursome (Toto too) skipping on the yellow brick road, and it looks less like they are heading to the Emerald City than to the back of the sound stage, but that is something the conversion process could not cure.