McFarland---Portrait-2Matt McFarland

Matt McFarland has been a Digital Intermediate Colorist at Warner Bros. Motion Picture Imaging since 2009. He came to us from Cranium Filmworks LA, a digital intermediate company which he himself founded in 2005. Matt’s diverse film background, including his experience as a Director of Photography, and his past position as VFX Digital Color Timer at a leading VFX house, has been an invaluable asset to all of his clients. Due to his expertise in digital film technology and color, Matt has been interviewed by such leading industry magazines as POST and AMERICAN CINEMATOGRAPHER, as well as being selected to lead DI workflow seminars at Cinegear Expo and numerous local film schools.

A few samplings of Matt McFarland’s many credits

The Bronx Bull
Walking Dead (Webisodes)
Last Stop
Commander and Chief
John Dies at the End
A Bag of Hammers
Without Borders
Camp Hell
Stairway from Hell
The Black Tulip
The Killing Jar
All’s Faire in Love
The Big Sleep
Key Largo
The Hunchback of Notre Dame
Man of Steel (VFX Preview)
San Andreas (VFX Preview)
300: Rise of an Empire (VFX Preview)
Godzilla (VFX Preview)
Batman v Superman (VFX Preview)
Winter’s Tale (VFX Preview)
Pacific Rim (VFX Preview)
Mad Max: Fury Road Special Edition Black and Chrome